Industrial Electricians Serving Cincinnati, OH

Industrial electricians are responsible for repairing, testing and maintaining electrical equipment. They maintain their basic knowledge of standard electrical duties but also have specialized training. A couple of things to look for when considering an industrial electrician, include completion of post-apprentice courses, specialization in one or two areas, and be flexible. Our team at Bunnell Electric Inc in Cincinnati, OH can help with all of your electrical needs. Give us a call today!

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What We Do?

What Do Industrial Electricians Do?

Industrial electricians basic electrical knowledge is the same as a standard electrician however, their extended training is what differentiates them from a typical electrician. Their duties include things like installation, repairs, wiring, conduits, and electrical devices &/or systems in an industrial setting. They typically work as maintenance or on construction jobs depending on their particular employer. All the work that is performed meets the regulations of the National Electrical Code.


When Should You Call

When Should You Call An Industrial Electrician?

There are a variety of reasons why you may be looking for an electrician in Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas. We have provided just a few common reasons below:

Lights Flickering - There are a few things that could cause flickering or dimming lights and it's best to keep your location safe by having it properly inspected. If you recently added fixtures or electrical appliances, making sure that the connections are secure and the fixtures or appliances aren't faulty will be just a few things our electrician will be looking for.

Overloading - If you have too many connections on your electrical panel, this can be a fire hazard. No matter how big or small your new electrical unit is, it can cause your circuits to overload. Give the team at Bunnell Electric Inc a call to schedule your electrical inspection.

High Electric Bills - Although a restaurant or industrial building will carry a much higher monthly electric bill, if you notice that your bill is progressively increasing month-over-month, it's best to reach out to a certified and licensed professional. They will inspect your usage and a variety of things around your location to ensure that you are running as efficient as possible. If we uncover problems during the inspection, we will help with correcting the issues.

If you are in need of an electrical inspection or have questions about your industrial electrical needs, give us a call today, we are here to help!